RMA Armament, Inc. has introduced their new Level 4 armor plate (Model #1165).

CENTERVILLE, Iowa — RMA Armament, the King of Armor, the industry leader in ceramic hard armor performance for law enforcement and civilian markets, is proud to announce our newest product. Model 1165 Lightweight Level 4 Plate – Lighter, thinner and still affordable armor plating.

RMA’s 1165 Lightweight Level 4 Plates are the ultimate expression of our mission to provide the world’s best body armor to every American. Lightweight Level 4 Plates are not new, but they are new at this price point. They have evolved from proven high performance. 1155 By design, these plates have reduced weight, thickness and price – in fact, they are the best value in American made body armor.

Using 100% American made materials, we’ve combined a high performance, multi-hit Alumina Oxide striking surface with a lightweight Dyneema UHMWPE backing to create an affordable, lightweight Level 4 plate.

“We are always looking for ways to fill gaps in our armor lineup, and while Level 4 plates are the most popular armor plate in American culture today, there is still a great demand for affordable, lighter Level 4 armor,” said Blake Waldrop, founder and owner of RMA. “While this new 1165 plate may not be as affordable as the 1155 plate we are widely known for, it offers the best value when considering weight, thickness and affordability.”

At launch, the 1165 Level 4 plates will be 10×12 single curve plates with plans to add multi-curve versions in the future. For more information on the Level IV Model 1165 armor plates, please visit the RMA website. https://rmadefense.com/store/body-armor/level-iv-body-armor/lightweight-level-4-plates-model-1165/

About RMA Armament, Inc.

Veteran owned and based in Centerville, Iowa, RMA Armament manufactures and distributes the world’s highest quality American made Level III, IIIA, IIIA+ and IV body armor plates, plate carriers and ballistic helmets. The company’s customers include civilians, law enforcement, the U.S. Military and U.S. allies around the world.

RMA manufactures the world’s strongest bulletproof vests at its production facility in Centerville, Iowa using the world’s most advanced high-strength materials, including ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, alumina oxide and silicon carbide. Founder and CEO Blake Waldrop, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and former law enforcement officer, started the company to make stronger, lighter and more affordable bulletproof vests. For more information, please visit our website at www.rmadefense.com.

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