Kavro TAC-II strengthens Europe’s elite forces

The European bulletproof vests and personal protective equipment market is forecast to exceed USD 700 million by 2031. The leading contributors to spending in the region are Russia, the UK, and Germany. This growth is driven by ongoing efforts to equip the military and law enforcement with protective gear. Germany is currently investing in soft armor and combat boots for its military and is expected to increase spending in these areas over the next decade.

Market size (2023) US$5.2 billion
CAGR (2022-2031) 1.74%
Forecast Period 2022-2031
Type Segment Hard armor, soft armor, protective clothing, protective headgear, boots
User Segments Defense and Homeland Security
Major companies Safariland LLC, Dupont De Nemours Inc, Avon Protection Plc, American Body Armour LLC, Aegis Engineering Ltd, Armour Express Inc, MKU CorporationPacific Safety Products Inc, Samyang Comtech Co Ltd, Gentex Corp.

Source: Globaldata.com

MKU Limited, a global leader in advanced ballistic solutions, recently introduced the Kavro TAC-II (FR) Men’s Tactical Vest and Plate Carrier. This groundbreaking product has been thoroughly tested for superior performance and represents a significant milestone in enhancing the capabilities of European Special Forces, providing unparalleled protection and confidence in challenging conditions.

MKU designed the Kavro TAC-II (FR) with Europe’s unique requirements in mind to meet and exceed current industry standards. Moreover, the armor stands out with its unique dual function as a bulletproof tactical vest and plate carrier, making it the ideal solution for Europe’s elite forces offering unparalleled protection, durability and agility in the face of emerging threats.

Ballistic testing, durability experiments and environmental simulations (including 1000 hours of accelerated climate aging testing at extreme temperatures of +80°C and 93%+ relative humidity) validate the Kavro TAC-II (FR)’s unmatched performance, comfort and durability, ensuring consistent performance even in the harshest and most demanding operational environments.

The TAC-II (FR) offers increased versatility with features designed to meet the needs of modern combat scenarios, including provisions for mounting ballistic plates from the front, rear and sides depending on mission requirements. It can be worn alone, with soft ballistic panels, with ICW hard ballistic plates or as a plate carrier with standalone plates.

The integrated MOLLE system on the front, back and sides allows users to easily adapt to different combat scenarios. The smart quick release system allows for quick opening and closing in dynamic situations. Removable comfort pads increase comfort during extended wear, and adjustable straps allow for a customizable fit for different body types without compromising mobility.

To achieve the ideal combination of protection, mobility, and comfort, the Kavro TAC-II (FR) employs cutting-edge materials and the latest technology. Its rugged construction features OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified fabric from renowned French company ALPEX. Made from Nylon 6,6 (PA Cordura), the fabric is fire and abrasion resistant, making it extremely durable. Additionally, the fabric is sweat resistant, ensuring durability and effectiveness even in adverse weather conditions.

The Kavro TAC-II (FR) provides comprehensive coverage of critical areas and is meticulously designed to eliminate ballistic weaknesses and prevent harmful secondary rounds. Additionally, the armor features a 2.5 KN extractor fixed to the rear of the armor for safe extraction in high-risk and critical environments.

MKU designed the Kavro TAC-II (FR) plate carrier to accommodate a range of body sizes, from chest measurements 70cm to 160cm, waist measurements 60cm to 140cm, and heights 1.50m to 2.10m. For soldiers who don’t fit into standard sizes, custom-made designs are also available, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

MKU has a track record of supplying armour solutions to the German Army, bulletproof shields to Norwegian and Swedish police, bulletproof armour plates to the Spanish Border Guard and body armour to Estonia. The Kavro TAC-II (FR) is a shining example of advanced defence solutions that reflect India’s and France’s commitment to the safety and security of Europe’s elite forces.

About MKU:
MKU Ltd. is a global defense and homeland security company with a mission to empower heroes. The company is one of the leading solution providers of advanced optical electronics and ballistic protection solutions for military, paramilitary, homeland security, police and special forces soldiers and platforms. With a customer base in over 100 countries, MKU aims to empower heroes in the line of duty through smart solutions that inspire confidence. Its operations are in India and Germany. To date, the company has protected over 3 million soldiers and over 3,000 platforms across 230 armed forces. The company’s Kavro protection solutions use smart technology, design and functionality to enhance soldier and platform protection. These include combat helmets, body armor, ballistic shields and ballistic solutions for naval, air force and land platforms and vehicles. The company’s Netro night vision and thermal imaging devices provide soldiers with better detection, identification and recognition capabilities at night, enhancing night fighting capabilities.

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