Dyneema® Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovation in Lightweight Body Armor

Dyneema®, a division of Avient Corporation known for innovative body armor solutions, has announced a breakthrough development that will improve the safety and mobility of law enforcement and military personnel. This latest innovation features a next-generation unidirectional (UD) material based on Dyneema’s third generation fiber. The result? A breakthrough that will enable ballistic armor to be up to 20% lighter.

By applying molecular engineering techniques, Dyneema® has taken its third generation fiber to a whole new level at the molecular level. This incredible advancement has resulted in a high strength fiber that significantly improves ballistic stopping power, especially when used in a new UD material designed for body armor, Dyneema® SB301. This dramatic change in performance has enabled bulletproof vest manufacturers to design soft armor vests that are 10-20% lighter than traditional solutions such as Dyneema® SB115, Dyneema® SB117 and Dyneema® SB125.

Marcelo van de Kamp, Global Business Director for Personal Protection at Avient, emphasized the importance of weight in today’s context: “In all situations, weight is considered the number one priority after ballistic stopping power. When speed and agility are crucial, survivability depends on weight savings. Though we’ve been recognized as the ‘World’s Strongest Fiber™’ for years, our commitment to innovation and protection remains unwavering. Dyneema® SB301 is a product that embodies our dedication.”

Dyneema® SB301 delivers significant performance improvements, even surpassing Dyneema® Force Multiplier technology, the breakthrough in ballistic protection.

“For law enforcement and military personnel, we understand the critical role weight plays in mission success, and we are proud to offer our next generation UD material that enables body armor manufacturers to design soft armor vests that are up to 20% lighter than traditional solutions while maintaining the highest levels of ballistic performance,” Van de Kamp emphasized.

In addition to its incredible strength, Dyneema® SB301 has another benefit: because it is made from bio-based Dyneema® fiber, it produces up to 90% less carbon emissions than typical high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) fibers.

Van de Kamp concludes: “Security isn’t just about protecting against immediate threats. It’s also about protecting the planet for future generations. With Dyneema®, end users don’t have to choose between sustainability and protection. This is a crucial distinction, especially as government agencies call for stricter environmental regulations on CO2 emissions in the personal protection market.”

Dyneema® SB301 is currently available for law enforcement vests for the U.S. market and is produced in compliance with the Berry Amendment at the company’s Greenville, North Carolina facility, with plans to expand to other markets.

Dyneema® continues to lead the way in ballistic protection: hard ballistic product grades based on the new third generation fiber, suitable for military vests, insert panels, ballistic helmets and vehicle armour, are due to be launched in early 2024, further consolidating Dyneema®’s position as a pioneer in the field.

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