A name change and a new mission

After 25 years of providing composite armor solutions, TenCate Advanced Armor has rebranded as Integris Composites. This transformation positions Integris to continue developing, testing and manufacturing ballistic armor while expanding into new markets where composite solutions offer distinct advantages.

For decades, Entegris has been a trusted partner to defense companies such as Boeing, Airbus, General Dynamics and BAE Systems, as well as major law enforcement agencies. The company specializes in manufacturing hard armor plates for military and law enforcement, providing ballistic and blast protection for land vehicles, aircraft and naval vessels, as well as ballistic composites used in structural housings for optronics and other sensitive technologies.

Integris CEO John W. Mercer emphasized that despite the name change, the company’s commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction remains the same. The company has the capabilities to design and manufacture cutting-edge composite solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations, even in high-risk environments.

The name “Integris” was chosen after employees were surveyed to define the core characteristics of the business, including reliability, integrity, innovation, design engineering, research and development.

Integris stands out as a comprehensive provider of ballistic armor and survivability solutions for personal protection, air, land and sea vehicles and tactical technology used by defense authorities and leading law enforcement agencies around the world. This broad offering sets us apart by enabling us to support every segment of the industry.

With facilities in Denmark, France and the United States, Integris is well equipped to develop, test and manufacture armored solutions. Our commitment to innovation and new name allows us to expand our presence in areas where lightweight, high-performance composite solutions offer a competitive advantage.

Image courtesy of Integris

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