Integris Composites introduces magnetic fasteners for body armor

At Millipol Paris 2023, Integris Composites, formerly known as TenCate Advanced Armor, announced a notable innovation in the form of magnetic fasteners for body armor. The 30-year-old company has moved from its initial focus on vehicle armor to becoming a leading player in the production of high-performance armor solutions in compliance with military standards. had the pleasure of interviewing Stephen Jackson, Regional Director for Turkey, Middle East and Africa, to discuss the company’s practices and products.

Conservation efforts

Entegris Composites was founded 30 years ago in France in the late 1980s. The company, which originally started as a manufacturer and distributor of vehicle armor, has grown to produce high-performance vehicle, naval, and aviation armor and personal protection systems. The French company has manufacturing facilities in France, Denmark and Ohio, as well as sales offices in corresponding markets such as the Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Italy, Singapore and Australia. The company has a substantial customer base, serving military and police forces across Europe, as well as defense companies and major ministries.

Stephen Jackson emphasized the company’s commitment to protecting those who serve us. Integris Composites takes an interactive and collaborative approach, working closely with clients, designers, and researchers to tailor prescriptive solutions to our clients’ needs.

From vehicle armor to high performance solutions

Integris Composites’ product portfolio includes four main pillars: composite materials, vehicle armor systems, aviation and marine armor, and body armor. Their namesake division, “Composite Materials,” combines a variety of high-tech and high-performance materials to form advanced armor systems. The second sector is dedicated to the creation of armor systems for both 4×4 pickups and main battle tanks. Sector 3 focuses on aviation and marine armor, providing protection for helicopters, ships, and crews. Stephen Jackson, Director of Sector 4, explained more about bulletproof vests.

Advanced body armor solutions

Integris Composites modular plate carrier with integrated soft body armor and magnetic fasteners
Modular plate carrier with integrated soft body armor and magnetic fasteners

Our body armor lineup is comprehensive, with both hard and soft armor options available. This includes ballistic rifle insert plates, plate carriers, and an extended soft armor range that provides protection up to NIJ Level IIIA. The company works with European partners to ensure the meticulous production of external vests and carrier systems. However, the design and technical drawings are created in-house, demonstrating our attention to detail. Their bulletproof vests are distinguished by quick donning and doffing systems, robustness against flames and scratches, compliance with RIR standards and availability of various camouflage options.

Innovative magnetic fixation system

Integris Composites' new magnetic fixation system
magnetic fixation system

A notable addition to their product is a magnetic clasp for bulletproof vests. While maintaining the mechanical foundation, this innovative technology incorporates magnets to streamline the fastening process and reduce closure time to approximately 2 seconds. This design also includes a release cord for quick removal. When you bring the two buckle parts together, the magnets automatically lock the zipper in place, eliminating the need for fidgeting in critical situations.

An environmentally friendly approach

Integris Composites not only has conservation as its main focus, but also sustainability. Stephen Jackson emphasizes the company’s continued commitment to environmental stewardship. This effort includes exploring material recycling options and incorporating biodegradable products into production processes. Additionally, the company actively minimizes energy use and carbon emissions across its manufacturing facilities wherever possible.

Customized solutions for diverse and comprehensive military situations

Recognizing the increasing presence of women in the military and law enforcement, Integris Composites has introduced gender-specific armor solutions. The company offers separate product ranges for men and women. They design and manufacture hard armor riffle inserts, soft armor, and plate carriers designed specifically for women. The main goal when designing these products was to improve comfort and wearability without sacrificing protection.

Journey through the defense and protection industry

Stephen Jackson has an academic background in marketing and economics and entered the defense and protection industry immediately after graduating from university. He secured his first role at DuPont. He started as a product manager and was promoted to business development manager and then sales director. His journey continued with a career change to a ceramic armor manufacturer. He then moved to Europe to work at TenCate. He remained with the company through its current transformation into Integris Composites.

In the field of armor technology, Integris Composites stands out as an important contributor, delivering progress without resorting to sensationalism. The showcase at Milipol Paris 2023 highlights the company’s commitment to responsibly and collaboratively evolving armored solutions.

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