London police shoot and kill man with crossbow, weapon found

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Image caption, Police were called just before 5 a.m.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) said a crossbow, knives, swords and a hatchet were recovered from the scene after the armed man was killed by police.

The Metropolitan police said armed officers were called to Surrey Quays, south London, just before 5am (GMT) after reports of a man armed with a crossbow trying to break into a building.

The 30-year-old man, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, died at the scene.

The IOPC believes the individual was known to at least one of the occupants of the property.

Video captions, Police surround apartment after report of crossbow suspect

Local officers tried unsuccessfully to speak to the man who had entered the property in Bywater Place, Southwark, but “subsequently called for armed officers to assist them after he had received a threat”, the report said.

“After arriving on scene, armed officers entered a house where a man had been shot,” the IOPC continued.

“We can confirm that two shots were fired from a police-issued firearm and further analysis is pending.”

The IOPC launched an investigation after the man’s death, which is standard after any fatal police shooting.

Image source, Lucy North/PA Media

Image caption, Windows of buildings inside the police cordon on Bywater Place were seen to have been smashed.

It can now be confirmed that police have informed the deceased man’s next of kin.

Police said the man had made threats to harm people on the property before his death.

Two people in the car are believed to have suffered minor injuries.

Metropolitan police Deputy Commissioner Matt Twist said: “Officers were aware there were people in the building and had genuine concerns for their safety.”

“Officers, assisted by paramedics, administered first aid to the man, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, but unfortunately he died.

“We are confident that their actions prevented further loss of life.”

Image caption, The militant police replaced local police officers following threats.

Numerous police vehicles remain stationed in front of the cordon that blocks off the street from the main road.

Residents say they can’t believe something like this could happen in their area.

Michael Leng described the shock he felt after leaving his home.

“This is a relatively peaceful area,” he said. “Things like this don’t happen. It’s shocking that something like this would happen.”

Many people living inside the sealed-off area said they had been watching police activity with anxiety throughout the day, trying to understand why the initial clashes had happened.

Image source, Lucy North/PA Media

Image caption, Weapons found at the scene included knives, swords, hatchets and a crossbow.

The most recent fatal shooting by the Metropolitan police was that of suspect Giedrius Vassilievas, 40, who died at his home in Dagenham, east London, in November after calling 999 to say he wanted to commit suicide by loading a gun.

Image caption, Police have contacted the family of the deceased man.

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