Dyneema® and Point Blank Deliver One Million Alpha Elite® Armor Systems to Protect U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies

Dyneema®is owned by Avient Corporation and Point Blank Enterprises, a leading provider of specialty materials and sustainable materials solutions., A global leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of protection solutions, we are proud to announce the delivery of our one millionth Alpha Elite.® protective vests. This marks a special milestone in a decade-long collaboration dedicated to providing high-performance, lightweight ballistic armor systems to the nation’s leading law enforcement agencies.

Point Blank Alpha Elite® Alpha Elite® The Black Armor System leverages the performance benefits and groundbreaking innovations of Dyneema.® Force Multiplier Technology Platform. Utilizing breakthrough innovation at the molecular level, next generation fiber technology and unique unidirectional engineering, Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology has been delivering uncompromising performance and protection in bulletproof vests, helmets, inserts and vehicle armor applications since 2013. Innovations at the material level allow for lightweight protective solutions when used to build armor systems, without compromising ballistic performance, comfort or mobility in critical moments.

Alpha Elite® The vest is designed to defeat high velocity handgun bullets and shrapnel with minimal rear deformation and excellent multi-hit protection. Over 1 million Alpha Elite® Alpha Elite® Black vests now protect US law enforcement officers, says Dyneema® and Point Blank have delivered superior ballistic performance to the world’s largest and most prestigious law enforcement tactical units.

“We are extremely proud to reach this milestone,” said Marcelo van de Kamp, global business director at Dyneema.® “This is a testament to Dyneema’s unmatched performance.®The World’s Strongest Fiber™ is used in bulletproof vests. Alpha Elite® “Over the last decade, Point Blank has earned the trust of the nation’s elite agencies and created systems that have saved countless lives. We look forward to continuing our collaboration, building on their track record of materials innovation and better protecting those who protect us.”

“Alpha EliteTM “This series was created when Point Blank engineers began searching for a ballistic material that would meet the rigorous requirements of U.S. Special Forces deployed to some of the world’s most dangerous regions. Our research and development resulted in a lightweight, high-performance system that has been the premier ballistic solution most widely used by U.S. law enforcement agencies for the past decade, protecting protectors and saving many lives,” said Michael Foreman, executive vice president, Point Blank Enterprises.

Dyneema® New generation bulletproof material surpasses Dyneema in performance® Force Multiplier technology, a dramatic change in ballistic performance, will be available in October 2023. Currently available for use in soft armor vests for U.S. law enforcement, this groundbreaking innovation is manufactured in Greenville, North Carolina in compliance with the Berry Amendment. Hard Ballistic product grades suitable for military vests, insert panels, ballistic helmets and vehicle armor are expected to be available in early 2024.

For the latest updates and more information on protective armor solutions, visit the Dyneema website.® (7-761) and Point Blank (7-129) will be exhibiting at the EnforceTac trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, from February 26-28.

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