New Product: Safariland APEX Concealable Body Armor Vest System

In January of this year, at SHOT Show 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Safariland unveiled what it called the APEX Covert Vest System, a “groundbreaking concealable body armor system that redefines the standard of protection for law enforcement.” did.

Safari Land APEX

Safariland APEX’s 4-piece vest design integrates dual side panels and front and rear panels for maximum maneuverability.

Designed for law enforcement personnel, Safariland’s new APEX concealable body armor vest system focuses on personal safety, high mobility, and comfort for those working on the front lines. The new design of Safariland takes inspiration from modern sports performance equipment.

At the heart of APEX is a four-piece vest design that seamlessly integrates the two side panels with the front and rear panels for improved maneuverability. This configuration not only allows for a high degree of articulation, but also allows the armor panels to move smoothly with the body, providing cover during all the twists and turns of the mission.

The APEX also stands out from other packs with its innovative “floating” front and back panels, creating an overlapping relationship with the side panels. This design provides continuous protection and adapts to your body’s natural movements.

Features include the aforementioned four-piece floating architecture, a core compression system that supports ballistic weight around the core of the body, an expandable foldable garment, a lockable front zipper with zipper garage, and an internal soft armor suspension system; Includes integrated front and rear trauma plate pockets.

“The development of APEX is rooted in recognizing the similarities between advanced athletic mobility and the dynamic demands of law enforcement officers,” said James Duncan, vice president and director of armor at Safariland. “APEX addresses a critical need to improve mobility and comfort while on duty. It’s more than just equipment; it’s a testament to our commitment to officer performance and well-being.”

Different models of the APEX Covert Carrier vest are available for men and women in three colors: black, navy, and white.

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