Helldivers 2: All helmets with secret body armor stats

On the surface, Helldivers 2 The design is relatively simple – spend your Warbond Medals to unlock unique stat body armor, then add a decorative helmet and cape to complete the look – but that being said, the two helmets have a lot more function than you might initially think.

Here are all the helmets you need to know about, each with secret stats that enhance your body armor. Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2: Helmets with secret stats

Trailblazer Scout Helmet Stats
“No extra bonuses”? I don’t think so. Screenshot: Dot Esports

Picking the best looking helmet to go with your body armor can be difficult. 32 helmets Choose from Helldivers 2While most helmets are purely cosmetic, there are two standout helmets with secret stats. Armor rating, speed, and Stamina Rain.

Through ongoing experiments, the Helldivers Helldivers Mobilize! and Steeled Veterans Battle Pass Any part of the body armor can be affected. These will actively boost or degrade multiple armor stats, giving combat buffs to light, medium and heavy builds. Currently there is a bug with the armor rating, but those wanting to build a tougher Helldiver will need to pick a specific helmet to complete their build.

Let’s take a closer look at these two unique helmets. Helldivers 2.

Speed ​​up with Trailblazer Scout

Overview of the Trailblazer Scout in Helldivers 2
Get that much-needed speed boost. Screenshot: Dot Esports

The first helmet with secret status is SC-30 Trailblazer ScoutWhat is this helmet? 465 Medals Total. This price unlocks the 7th page of the Helldivers Mobilize! Battle Pass, which allows you to purchase the Trailblazer helmet. This helmet has an overall base armor stat of 100. However, if you want the perfect lightweight build with an emphasis on mobility, the Trailblazer is a great choice for body armor. Speed ​​(plus 6) and stamina recovery (plus 3). nevertheless Armor rating reduced (minus 6)This statistic is worth keeping as long as it remains a bug. Helldivers 2.

Pairing the Trailblazer Scout with light and medium body armor SC-30 Trailblazer Scout By itself or CE-74 Breaker, FS-38 Eradicator, CM-41 Trench Paramedicor SC-37 LegionnaireUse loadouts suited to fast-action gameplay, including shotguns, immediate-action artillery, and high-rate-of-fire support weapons such as machine guns.

Increase your Armor Rating with Dynamo

Overview of the Dynamo Helmet from Helldivers 2
Be the Helldiver tank your teammates can rely on. Screenshot: Dot Esports

Dynamo is the final helmet in the Premium Steel Veteran’s Battle Pass. 248 Warbond Medal To unlock the third page of the Battle Pass and get this helmet, you need a total of: Dynamo Helmet Increases Armor Rating by 8 points-but Speed ​​(minus 8) and Stamina recovery (minus 9) It takes a lot of damage, which makes the Dynamo a great choice for medium and large builds, especially once the armor rating bug is fixed.

Due to its reduced mobility, the Dynamo is best paired with a Medium Body Armor with balanced stats, or a Heavy Body Armor with explosive damage resistance and increased limb health. FS-05 Marksman, DP-40 Hero of the Federation, FS-23 Battlemaster, SA-32 Dynamo, FS-61 Dreadnought, FS-11 The Executioneror B-24 EnforcerIt has great passive stats centered around damage resistance.

Use long-range weapons like the Liberator Penetrator and R-63 Diligence, stationary tactics (sentries and orbital attacks), and powerful support weapons like railguns, expendable anti-tank guns, and recoilless rifles to deal damage from afar and safely reposition without putting yourself in danger.

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