All unique armor from Last Epoch

Unique armor in Last Epoch can greatly enhance your build by enhancing your abilities with special effects and providing bonuses that improve your character’s stats. Set armor is distinguished in-game by its green color, compared to the orange color of its unique items, as both types provide powerful bonuses that can greatly benefit your character.

Obtaining certain unique armor in Last Epoch is essential for many specialized builds, especially those with high legendary potential. These items are rare and difficult to obtain, but you can aim to farm them in your monolith. In Monolith’s specific timeline, a specific loot table of unique his armor will be dropped in the Last Epoch, bringing variety to the farming process and making it less monotonous.

In this article we will list all sets and unique armor of the Last Epoch and where to farm them.

All sets and unique armor from the Last Epoch and where to farm them

1) Helmet

Last Epoch's unique armor provides powerful bonuses to your character (Image from 11th Hour Games || Epoch's unique armor provides powerful bonuses to characters (Image from 11th Hour Games ||
Last Epoch’s unique armor can give your character powerful bonuses (Image credit: Eleventh Hour Games ||
  • Top of the mountain: Lightless Arbor Dungeon “Under the Mountain”
  • Broken crown: Use the Rune of Ascendance on Rune Visage

Black Sun Timeline

  • disaster
  • Snow eyes
  • rotten skull
  • howling of the west wind
  • crown of ash
  • artist’s legacy
  • hive mind
  • The pinnacle of thought
  • coat of arms of unity
  • prism view
  • Borncramer Bar Butte
  • rotten skull
  • dream
  • Wraithlord’s Harbor
  • Scarry’s Emissary
  • paranoia
  • Villatoria’s Crown of Storms (Set)
  • The Last Bear’s Lament (set)
  • Isadora’s Revenge (Set)
  • Corsair blood cowl (set)
  • Boardman’s Legacy (set)
  • Surforged Greathelm (Set)

winter era timeline

  • Call of the Tundra: Heorot

timeline of final destruction

  • Gaspard’s Insights (set): Elder Gaspar Shell

2) Body armor

  • The heart of the mountain: Lightless Arbor Dungeon “Under the Mountain”

Timeline of blood, frost, and death

  • Kestrel
  • Onos Tal’s Doublet
  • prism wrap
  • Shroud of Darkness
  • Pride of Urzil
  • blood loss
  • Yurun’s Wisdom
  • barre route
  • Abandonment of Eleko
  • titan heart
  • basic standards
  • Cremorde Cage
  • static shell
  • Aaron’s Will
  • unstable core
  • The Last Bear’s Sneer (Set)
  • Sunforged Cuirass (set)
  • Boardman’s fallacy (set)

Black Sun Timeline

  • Dark Shroud of Cinders: Rahie, Black Sun

Outcasts timeline collapse

stolen spear timeline

  • Wings of Argentus: God Hunter Argentas (Empowerment)

timeline of final destruction

  • Gaspard’s Sharpness (Set): Elder Gaspar’s Shell

3) Gloves

Last Epoch's unique armor can be farmed in specific Monolith timelines (Image via 11th Hour Games)Last Epoch's unique armor can be farmed in specific Monolith timelines (Image via 11th Hour Games)
Last Epoch unique armor is available in certain Monolith timelines (Image via Eleventh Hour Games)
  • greedy: Elsa’s Ledger Quest
  • Burning Greed: Soul Fire Bastion Dungeon Soul Gambler
  • Jura’s Obsession: Chronomancer Jura from the Sanctuary of Time dungeon
  • Rich’s Jealousy (Set): Soulfire Bastion Dungeon Fire Lich Cremorus

End the Arashi timeline

  • Goalkeeper’s gloves
  • Stormhide Poe
  • fighting chance
  • Riverbend Grasp
  • Swaddle of the Erased
  • Hand of Judgment
  • Boulder Fist
  • Rias’s Strategy
  • falcon fist
  • Lilaca’s Claws
  • Wing Guard
  • Merin’s arrogance
  • Blood Roost
  • Grasping Mortality
  • Raven’s Rise
  • Rubbing salt in the wound
  • Simoun’s Rune
  • greedy void
  • Isadora’s Gravestone (Set)
  • The Last Bear’s Fury (set)
  • Xeric’s Greed (Set)

Black Sun timeline

  • atrophy: Lahi, the Black Sun

A timeline of blood, frost and death

  • Frostbite Bondage: Frostrich Handsome

final destruction timeline

  • sacrificial embrace: Husks of Elder Gaspar (Empowered)
  • Greedy Void: Elder Gaspar Shell (Enhanced)

4) Belt

  • Offering of the Victim: Fire Lich Cremors in Soulfire Bastion Dungeon
  • Signs of thunder: Alfrig Ulfmor in the Arena
  • Shattered Chains: Shade of Orobyss (Minimum Corruption 120)

Timeline of the fall of empires

  • Viper Tail
  • Chaps of Holding Queen of the Jungle
  • Scavenger
  • Thornslinger
  • Urero Chain
  • fellowship of the erased
  • star pioneer
  • word trail
  • Tranquil Forest Heritage
  • Azral’s Wrath
  • Pebbles Bite Sash (Set)
  • Isadora’s Tomb Binding (Set)
  • Guile of Xeric (Set)

Outcasts: Timeline Collapse

  • Bunch of souls: Abomination

5) Boots

  • At the foot of the mountain: Under the mountain in the Lightless Arbor Dungeon
  • Vion’s Tank: Vion the Arsenal in the Arena
  • Obstructed Destiny: shadow of orobis

Spirit of Fire Timeline

  • Lessons for big cities
  • Morning Frost
  • Advent of the Erased
  • dark stride
  • snowdrift
  • Storm surge
  • Ethereal Path
  • The Roots of Vitrasil
  • Exile’s Blood
  • Temporary hiatus
  • Terhun’s Mirage
  • Steps of Suloron
  • rain dance
  • Halvar’s Stand (Set)
  • Zeric’s Ambition (Set)

Timeline of blood, frost, and death

  • the last step of the living
  • fiery dragon shoes

Winter Era Timeline

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