California motor vehicle deputy shot in back at intersection, rescued by armored vehicle

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department patrol officer was shot in the back while stopped at a traffic light in West Covina, California, on Monday afternoon.

Sheriff Robert Luna said the bulletproof vest saved the life of Deputy Samuel Aispuro, 43, Fox News reported.

Aispuro, a 20-year veteran of the LAPD, was in uniform and riding a department-issued motorcycle at the time of the shooting, Luna said at a press conference Monday night. Aispuro was taken by ambulance to a medical center for treatment. The bullet did not penetrate his vest, and Aispuro is currently recovering at home.

Sheriff Luna reported at a press conference Tuesday that a suspect is in custody, whom he identified as Raymundo Duran, 47.

Duran was arrested by the California Highway Patrol in San Diego County on suspicion of DUI. A firearm was recovered during a search of the suspect’s vehicle. Sheriff Luna said ballistics analysis showed the weapon matched the one used in the attack on the deputy.

The suspect is being held in the San Diego County Jail.

Luna said Duran was a gang member and had an extensive and violent criminal history, though he declined to give examples of crimes he had been involved in.

The sheriff commended the Homicide Unit for their tireless work on the case throughout the night, as well as the multiple divisions within the Sheriff’s Department, the West Covina Police Department and the California Highway Patrol who worked on the case, and he also thanked witnesses for their assistance.

“When this happened, this was a very urgent issue for us,” he said.

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