Anorak Hellas and Ultimat Ballistic Solutions: Committed to Safety conducted two interviews with Per Sabbasen, CEO of Ultimat Ballistic Solutions, and Koskovos Dimitris, CEO of Anorak Hellas, to discuss their companies’ products and practices.

Ultimat Ballistic Solutions is based in Malaysia and was established in June 2022. The company specializes in the design and manufacturing of bulletproof equipment such as shields, helmets and bulletproof vests.

Anorak GreeceAs a pioneer in protective clothing, we have grown into a manufacturer of bulletproof vests since our founding in 1975. Initially, we focused on weatherproof clothing, but gradually moved into bulletproof products. Our foray into the bulletproof vest industry began by manufacturing for third-party companies, which allowed us to gain experience. In 2016, with our expertise and confidence, we started to brand our own bulletproof vests.

Product diversity and manufacturing process

Ultimat Ballistic Solutions Body Armor

Ultimat Ballistic Solutions The product range includes a variety of bulletproof gear such as bulletproof vests and plates, plate carriers, bulletproof helmets, riot helmets, visors, shields, etc. The company works with quality material suppliers to ensure the durability and effectiveness of its products while ensuring reliability with in-house testing. The company strictly adheres to NIJ standards to ensure all its products meet the required certifications.

Anorak Hellas Body Armor

Beyond ballistic defense Anorak Greece The company offers a variety of clothing for different weather conditions and activities, including motorcycling, hunting, workwear, etc. In particular, their weatherproof motorcycle gear is their most popular product due to its durability.

Regarding bulletproof armor, Anorak Greece Available in large sizes ranging from 2.6-2.7 kg, the tactical vest demonstrates the brand’s commitment to providing lightweight, efficient protection. The company uses a polyethylene-aramid blend to manufacture its soft armor panels, which provide flexibility and strength while remaining comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The company’s latest product, the Roadium panel, is NIJ Level IIIA compliant and incorporates additional material for blade protection.

Women’s Safety and Sustainability

nevertheless Ultimat Ballistic Solutions The company sells women’s vests in a variety of cup sizes, but does not offer hard bulletproof plates custom made for women.

Identify areas for improvement Anorak Greece The company doesn’t currently offer body armor specifically for women, but it remains committed to environmental sustainability by incorporating recycled materials into its clothing.

Customers and expansion goals

We provide services to a wide range of customers, Ultimat Ballistic Solutions The company has significant contracts with law enforcement agencies and, amid growing interest from Europe, is looking to expand its presence by setting up a factory in Europe by 2025.

Anorak Greece The company is well positioned for future growth. It has a strong presence in Greece, Belgium, Spain, Romania and France, with growing interest from Germany. Police departments and private security companies make up the majority of its customers, but the company intends to broaden its client base.

Anorak Hellas and Ultimat Ballistic Solutions are focused on expansion, innovation and safety. Together, they aim to reach a wider customer base, meet demand and raise global safety standards.

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