Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office Awards Bulletproof Vest Grants

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Image: Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office (Facebook)

Image: Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office (Facebook)

BAMBURG, S.C. (WOLO) — The Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office will be able to guard and serve while staying a little safer themselves thanks to a state-funded $9,266 Bulletproof Vest Assistance Grant. The money will allow the department to acquire five bulletproof vests for use by deputies in the field.

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs (OHSJP), in collaboration with the South Carolina General Assembly, designated one-time state funds intended to help local law enforcement agencies better utilize this equipment.

Bamberg County Sheriff Kenneth Bamberg released a statement about the grant and spoke about how important it is for his deputies to have access to these types of materials to perform their jobs more effectively and a little more safely. “High-quality bulletproof vests are an essential component of effective law enforcement, and we are extremely grateful to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety (SCDPS) and the Bamberg County Executive for partnering with us in this effort. My deputies and I are committed to serving the residents of Bamberg County, and these new bulletproof vests will aid in that effort while providing an extra layer of protection.”

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