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Source: Lompoc Police Department

Lompoc Police Department’s K9 Brahms will receive a bulletproof and stab-resistant vest thanks to a charitable donation from the nonprofit organization Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. K9 Brahms’ vest will have the message embroidered on it: “This gift of protection is provided by Vested Interest in K9s, Inc.” Delivery is expected within 8-10 weeks.

Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. is a 501c (3) charitable organization based in East Taunton, Massachusetts, whose mission is to provide bullet and stab resistant vests and other support to law enforcement and related agency dogs throughout the United States. The non-profit was founded in 2009 to support law enforcement by providing this potentially life-saving protective gear to four-legged K9 officers. Since its inception, Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. has provided over 3,500 American-made, custom-fit, NIJ-certified protective vests across all 50 states, valued at $6.9 million, through private and corporate donations.

The program is open to certified dogs 20 months of age or older who are currently serving with a law enforcement or related agency in the U.S. New K9 trainees are welcome to participate, as well as K9s with expired vests.

The donation to provide one protective vest for one police dog is $950. Each vest is valued at $1,744 to $2,283, comes with a five-year warranty and averages 4 to 5 pounds. There are an estimated 30,000 police dogs across the United States. For more information or to volunteer, call 508-824-6978. Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. provides information, lists events and accepts tax-deductible donations of any amount at www.vik9s.org. Donations can be mailed to PO Box 9 East Taunton, MA 02718.

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