Joe Hart’s bizarre ‘armour’ tattoo has been criticised by fans on social media after the former England No 1 showed it off whilst reporting pitchside for the BBC during the Euro 2024 opening match.

When former England goalkeeper Joe Hart commentated at Euro 2024, fans criticised his tattoos.

The now-retired star took to the microphone during BBC’s coverage of the tournament’s opening match to show off the design he received a few years ago.

Hart, now 37, revealed some of his strange tattoos on his Instagram account five years ago.

He already has hoop tattoos on his wrist and ankle, and it was his wrist tattoo that baffled and shocked fans on TV screens Sunday night.

Speaking with Kelly Summers before the game, Hart showed off most of his armour-like tattoos, leaving fans in shock and voicing their opinions of the design on social media.

Joe Hart’s tattoo was revealed during Euro 2024 commentary and fans were stunned.
The former England and Manchester City star has black rings on his wrists and ankles.
Fans took to social media to criticise the appearance of the former goalkeeper, who now practices in Germany.

“Joe Hart’s tattoo is ridiculous,” one viewer wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “It looks like a zebra crossing.”

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“Joe Hart proudly sports the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen,” another wrote.

A third posted: “State of Joe Hart tattoos.”

Hart revealed his latest tattoos in 2019, uploading two photos of a bold black body armor tattoo covering his right shoulder and upper arm, and thanking artist Hanu Mantra.

Alongside a photo of the unusual tattoo, Hart admitted that not everyone will like it, but insisted it “represents” him.

Hart captioned the post, “You’re the best @hanumantra thank you. This is the only time I’ll be able to take on this role this year so thank you so much for taking the time for me and doing such an amazing job!!”

“I’ve got my armor on. Time to figure out what to do next. I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely represents me. Thank you for making it happen.”

The former Premier League winner got a ring on his arm in 2017, but has continued to add tattoos to his body since.

Paulo Dybala and Sergio Ramos also wear similar designs.

In 2019, he showed off a new tattoo, though he acknowledged that it’s not something everyone can get.

But it wasn’t all criticism on Sunday, with one fan writing: “The creativity of Joe Hart’s tattoos is incredible,” along with a flame emoji.

However, another wrote: “What on earth has Joe Hart done please tell me that’s not a tattoo,” while another wrote: “Can someone tell me why Joe Hart got such a terrible tattoo?”

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