A murder conspiracy trial is set to begin after weapons were found at a home near a blockade in Coutts, Alberta.

June 21, 2024 by The Canadian Press.

Protesters in a convoy of trucks continue to block the highway at the busy U.S. border crossing in Coutts, Alberta, Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022. A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer said they found rifles, bulletproof vests and buckets full of ammunition in a modular home near the blockade. The Canadian Press/Jeff McIntosh

LETHBRIDGE, Alberta – A rifle, bulletproof vest and buckets of ammunition were found in a modular house near the border closure in Coutts, Alberta, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer testified. Constable Daniel Sauve said two rifles were found in a village residence during an early morning police search in February 2022. The rifles were in a soft case in a closet, and cans of ammunition were found throughout the home. Chris Carvert and Anthony Olienik are on trial for conspiracy to murder a police officer. The two were arrested after police searched a home and travel trailer on private property near a lockdown protest against COVID-19 rules and mandatory vaccinations. The lockdown paralyzed a busy border crossing between Canada and the United States for two weeks. Another Mounted Police officer testified Thursday that assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, ammunition and bulletproof vests were found in a trailer on the property. This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 21, 2024. 9

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