NP Aerospace Appoints Selene White as Senior Project Engineer

NP Aerospace has appointed award-winning engineer Seren White as senior project engineer supporting the development of the new armour.

On top of that: Selene received the “Top 50 Women in Engineering Award” from the Society of Women in Engineering at a ceremony held at the British Medical College in London on 24 June 2024.
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Seren was named one of the “Top 50 Women in Engineering” for 2024 by the Society of Women Engineers and brings valuable insight and experience to her new role as a former UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) employee. She will work with the R&D team on the development of more inclusive body armour, a key focus for the defence industry. She will deliver on a shared vision of greater inclusivity for women, in line with the company’s mission to protect the lives of servicemen and guards through best-in-class products and services.


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Since completing her Integrated MSc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham in 2018, Selene has excelled in her work and is determined to inspire future female engineers. Firstly, she enrolled on a highly competitive Engineering Graduate Scheme within Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) where she worked in a variety of roles including developing new procurement specifications and improving the way body armour is worn by users. Selene finished her time at the MoD as a Survivability Engineer.

A chartered engineer with a background in ballistic vests for aircrew, Selene brings a fresh perspective to her role at NP Aerospace, where she will continue her work on ballistic vests as a research and development engineer working on developing the next generation of more comprehensive ballistic vests.

Seren, who previously served as co-chair of the Network of Women Engineers (WinE), aims to work with like-minded individuals to reshape the industry to make a career in engineering an attractive option for young women. As well as highlighting career options in the industry and other opportunities for women at NP Aerospace, Seren is also passionate about improving bulletproof vests for women. Seren’s vision for the future aligns perfectly with NP Aerospace and our ongoing commitment to supporting women in the military.


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Speaking about her move to NP Aerospace, Selene said, “I felt I was ready for a new challenge in my career. Having worked with NP Aerospace in a previous role I had only seen the highest standard of engineering work, so when this opportunity arose I didn’t hesitate to apply. I hope that more women choose a career in engineering and, perhaps more importantly, stay in it. For this to happen, engineering must be an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone. I hope that by being a little more visible in my career I can inspire the next generation of female engineers.”

The number of women serving in the military is increasing year on year, with many countries seeing an increase of more than 20%. NP Aerospace recognises the importance of investing in comprehensive armour development. Mike Sandercott, Development Director at NP Aerospace and a Coventry University Engineering graduate, said: “Our armour technology combines maximum protection with best-in-class ergonomic performance and we are committed to continually evolving our product range to best serve everyone who needs it. We are a graduate-friendly employer offering a range of opportunities, particularly in engineering, and we do not underestimate the role future graduates play in the success of our work.”

To learn more about career opportunities at NP Aerospace, please see below.


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