Pioneering Advancements in Bulletproof Vests and Personal Protection

Eurosatory 2024, held June 17-21 in Paris, France, brought together leading figures from the defense and security industry to showcase groundbreaking innovations in bulletproof vests and personal protection. With more than 1,800 exhibitors and 57,000 professionals in attendance, this year’s event showcased the latest technological advancements and trends in the field. Below, we look back at some of the standout products and presentations from the show.

CES Advanced Armor: UHMWPE Combat Helmet

Jack Sandiford Haig At CES, Advanced Armour unveiled new ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) combat helmets that provide superior ballistic protection while remaining incredibly lightweight, enhancing comfort and mobility for the wearer.

Watch the Advanced Armor Helmet Demonstration at CES

MKU: Kavro Doma 360 helmet and women’s body armor

Karan Gupta MKU’s Kavro Doma 360 helmet and specially designed female body armor were unveiled. The Kavro Doma 360 helmet features full-spectrum protection with an integrated communications system, while the female body armor is ergonomically designed to improve fit and mobility for female soldiers.

View MKU’s Product Showcase

DuPont Life Protection: Kevlar® EXO™

Stephen Laganke DuPont Life Protection exhibited the latest addition to its line of advanced protective materials, Kevlar® EXO™, which offers unmatched flexibility and protection, making it ideal for a wide range of military and law enforcement applications.

See Kevlar® EXO™ in action

Always Invincible: Cut-resistant clothing

Charles Yvon Semper Invicta has launched a new line of slash-resistant clothing. Designed to provide discreet yet effective protection, the garments are ideal for law enforcement and security personnel operating in high-risk environments.

Watch a Cut Resistant Clothing Demonstration

Elmon SA: Company Introduction

Ioannis Galanis Representatives from Elmon SA provided an overview of the company’s products and highlighted its comprehensive range of personal protection solutions tailored to modern defence needs.

Learn more about Elmon SA

Entegris Composites: Company Vision and Values

Stephen Jackson The CEO of Integris Composites shared insight into the company’s vision and values, highlighting its commitment to innovation and excellence in developing advanced composite materials for personal protection.

Discover Integris Composites’ Vision

Eurosatory 2024 laid the foundation for future advancements in ballistic vests and personal protection, highlighting the industry’s ongoing commitment to increasing the safety and effectiveness of military and law enforcement personnel around the world. Stay tuned for in-depth videos and exclusive interviews with industry leaders.

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