New lightweight body armor for Ukrainian special forces

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is conducting laboratory tests of a new lightweight body armor model, which is distinguished by its lightness of construction, maneuverability and convenience in performing mobile actions during attacks and special operations.

The model has already been tested at the Ukrainian Armed Forces Airborne Assault Forces Reconnaissance School and received positive feedback, with the final stage of laboratory testing now underway.

“We understand that the weight of equipment is crucial in carrying out combat missions, especially for special forces and shock troops. We have carefully considered every centimetre and gram of our lightweight body armour. We expect good results from the final tests, as this armour is much needed by our troops,” Deputy Defense Minister Dmytro Klimenkov said.

The new bulletproof vest is made from a reinforced ceramic composite material and provides Class 6 protection. It will be available in two configurations, from S to XL in sizes, and weighs between 7.5kg and 12kg, and from 10.5kg to 17.5kg for the modular model.

The body armor has a quick release function and can be equipped with additional elements such as neck and shoulder protection, shoulder pads, groin protection, tactical load-bearing belt, copper protection, thigh protection, buoyancy elements, etc. Special anatomical inserts are available for women.

The product also includes separate pockets for soft and hard ballistic protection, as well as removable shock-absorbing inserts. After laboratory tests are completed, the bulletproof vest will be delivered to the Ukrainian Armed Forces for use.

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